France Brevets

An investment fund dedicated to international patent licensing: human and financial assets engaged for innovation.

France Brevets commits long-term human and financial resources along with companies and research centres to grow and monetize innovation.

France Brevets is one of the very first sovereign investment funds fully dedicated to patents with a worldwide perspective. An initial funding of €100M is being deployed by a team of international experts to build strategic patent positions and monetize them through effective and focused licensing efforts.

Public or private research endeavours face extremely tough budget constraints. That is why France Brevets provides financial and strategic support to help entities to build valuable patent portfolios, reflecting their commitment to innovation. Such support involves a long term horizon, which is a feature of France Brevets separating it from other patent investors in the marketplace.

France Brevets holds a unique and indispensable position in the complex environment of innovation:

  • Long term vision of technological battlefields,
  • Systematic reward of inventors,
  • Focused licensing efforts.