What we do

Long term financial and strategic support.

France Brevets aims at developing long-term partnerships with its partners to facilitate strategic and valuable patent portfolio creation and worldwide monetization.

Efficient licensing

Rigorous selection of the patents and negotiations as prerequisites. Unlike “patent trolls”, France Brevets does not adopt a “sue first” posture. In contrast, France Brevets undertakes numerous preliminary steps such as evidencing use of the claimed inventions via detailed reverse engineering, and formulation of high quality claim charts. This is done to facilitate and advance discussions with potential licensees in the most transparent way.

A staged approach. As soon as France Brevets becomes the exclusive licensee after selection of the patents and negotiation prerequisites, France Brevets initiates discussions with companies whose activities and/or products embody such patents to invite them to take a license. A thorough elaboration of all technical and legal aspects of each licensing program allows fair and open bilateral discussions. Litigations are contemplated only as a last resort.

Patent factories

An alternative business model. France Brevets builds a team of expert to reinforce the culture and generation of patents, bears the entire cost of patent prosecution and enforcement. Out of the generated profits, a significant part is fuelled back to the inventor and the remainder will cover the risk taken by France Brevets. The patentee is thus given a supplemental cash flow while remaining the owner of its inventions.

Anticipation of future technology trends

France Brevets develops strong interests on specific sectors: TMT, space, Internet of Things, energy, automotive, life sciences. The goal is to anticipate technology trends, take positions, identify future technology leaders, and collaborate with them to develop the sharpest and strongest patent portfolios.

Jean-Christophe Mifsud’s testimonial, CEO of Alpha Mos, a cutting-edge company which develops sensors, such as electronic noses or tongues. With France Brevets, Alpha Mos continues to strengthen and broaden its patent portfolio, while remaining the sole owner of the developed technologies.