Who we are?

France Brevets leverages a unique set of skills tailored to your needs, to promote your innovations.

Created in March 2011 in the framework of the French public initiative named “Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir” aiming at building value for research activities and fostering increased transfers from research to industry, France Brevets is the first investment fund fully dedicated to patents promotion and monetization in Europe. It is a €100 million investment fund (split between the State, €50 million and the Caisse des Dépôts, €50 million).

Our mission is to enable universities, schools of engineering and research bodies, as well as private companies to exploit their patents more effectively on an international scale, primarily through the operation of patent clusters for licensing purposes, and by promoting cross-fertilization in the management of public and private-sector patents. France Brevets’ selective approach takes into account the strategic value of the patents as well as the expectations of patent holders in both promoting their patents and protecting the development of their business.

France Brevets deploys a broad array of legal, financial, technical and commercial resources, and leverage its resources and its network of worldwide best-in-class experts, working for the purpose of monetizing your patent or acquiring patent rights for innovative ecosystems to secure rights protecting their freedom to operate.

The main sector focus of France Brevets is Information Technology and Communication at large, Aeronautics and Space, Alternative Energy, Chemistry, Materials, and Life Sciences.