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Fundraising with the support of France Brevets.

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Energysquare raises 3 million euros to develop in Asia. The young tri-color shooter offers its wireless charging technology under license to major IT manufacturers.

Daniel Lollo, Timothée Le Quesne and Matthieu Poidatz, two engineers trained at Télécom ParisTech and their industrial designer partner, are on the verge of winning their bet: to market a new wireless charging process on a large scale, more efficient than the existing standard. The co-founders of Energysquare have just taken a decisive step by raising 3 million euros from the French Partech fund. This is their second capital transaction after that completed in April 2018 in the amount of € 1 million with business angels.

In four years of existence, the start-up has made great progress. Its research and development efforts have resulted in the filing of an international patent portfolio. An investment supported by France Brevets through a program to help the intellectual property of start-ups. In January 2020, Energysquare formalized a major partnership with the global laptop giant Lenovo. The Chinese manufacturer is preparing a new range of laptops integrating the wireless charging system of the young shoot. A technology by simple contact of the device on a support which promises a loading time much faster than that of the existing solutions without cable. "We are in discussion with other electronics manufacturers," said Timothée Le Quesne, president of the start-up. This is why we are opening an office in Taiwan where the vast majority of laptop manufacturers are based. To get closer to other big potential customers, the creation of a branch in the United States is under study.

The start-up, which doubled its turnover last year, monetizes its process by a license contract. First, the IT manufacturer pays for the technology transfer and consultancy phase. Then, he pays royalties on each device sold. Energysquare is not just aimed at computer manufacturers. It also targets specialists in smartphone and tablet accessories. The latter would then license produce the support and adapter to plug into the device to be charged. ?

Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is preparing a new range of laptops incorporating the Energysquare wireless charging system.

Bruno Askenazi (Les Échos - June 03, 2020)

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A new year that starts off in style, faster, further, for more attractiveness for our companies.

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CES 2020 - Las Vegas -

Why and for whom France Brevets is still at CES 2020 in Las Vegas?

To be at the heart of technological growth in digital and to support French Tech, accelerator of the new industrial France.

#dge #frenchfab #frenchtech # CES2020 # industrie40


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To be at the heart of technological growth in digital and to support French Tech, accelerator of the new industrial France.

#dge #frenchfab #frenchtech # CES2020 # industrie40


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